Brexit’s Impact on the Global Economy

Trump’s Presidency and Brexit’s Impact on the Global Economy Trump’s Presidency In an unexpected turn of events in American history, the result of the presidential election in November 2016 stunned the world. The Republican bet–billionaire and business tycoon Donald Trump–emerged the winner. It was a sad day for the Democrats who placed their hope on their candidate, Hillary Clinton. In the first week of January 2017, the US Congress had already confirmed Mr. Trump’s success in last year’s election. Despite calls for protests, in less than two weeks, America will have a new President. Naturally, President Trump will want to […]

Brexit in the 2017 Economic Holdings

Trump and Brexit in the 2017 Economic Holdings Last year, populism embarked on a brand new trademark that had not only challenged logic, but our perceptions regarding the evolution of contemporary politics. Initially, the referendum of the United Kingdom to withdraw from the European Union or the “Brexit” transpired. This resulted in the global markets being vexed. Just recently, another poll strengthened the modern brand of populism. The United States was faced with what almost everybody deemed unlikely: Donald Trump becoming president. As a result, financial markets were left dumbfounded by this series of events. What will these 2016 surprises […]

Brexit and Trump

How Brexit and Trump Could Affect the World Market The international market is yet to face another impending turmoil with these two events that transpired recently – the Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as the new president of the United States. These two occurrences could send the global market into a spiraling web of uncertainty. The European Union and Brexit Europe used to be a region of varying countries that always seemed to have their swords against one another. All of that changed after World War II, when these nations realized the need for the integration of European […]

Trump VS China

Trump vs China During his campaign, Trump spared no harsh words for China and its currency. He accused China of manipulating the yuan, and subsequently ‘raping’ the US in trade. His promises on the campaign trail to take decisive action against the yuan have resulted in a negative effect to the yuan now that Trump has been elected president. The Chinese yuan has hit record lows since the election results were officially announced, and as of now one US dollar can purchase 6.80 Chinese yuan. We can interpret this to almost eight year lows for the yuan against the dollar. […]

How the US Elections Have Affected the Financial Market

How the US Elections Have Affected the Financial Market Trump has done an excellent job of making himself rich, turning his companies into billions of dollars for himself. He has promised to make America rich as well, but can he really do it? What do the facts show since the election, and how can you take advantage of the opportunities before you? Trump’s newly proposed fiscal policies have resulted in a rising trend for the US dollar. Trump promised to give the United States the strongest economy in the world, and he is making plans to fulfill that promise. On […]

Forex Trading SYSTEM

Binary Options Trading Strategy

The primary advantage with using technical evaluation is to assist the traders so that they can make money from house is that you could frequently considerably objectify your own binary options trading choices to the point where you are able to develop a nicely defined trading plan that can help you avoid getting excessively psychological as you learn and understand the different ways how to make money from home. In Binary Options Trading System, risk is lower that other markets. One of the major characteristics that compel people to trade options is the 15% safety net return that most platforms […]

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